Data Lab

Going beyond carbon: unlock the power of data for climate action, explore challenges and opportunities and develop a holistic approach to climate impact accounting and reporting.

Take part in co-creating a new addendum on data to achieve climate impact beyond carbon and formulate practical and actionable recommendations to integrate data efforts effectively and scale action.

What’s on the data horizon?

Join the Data Lab to learn how data is collected, measured, verified and reported, and contribute to the critical discussions shaping the future of Scope 3. Explore practical implementation solutions and learn from case studies, best practices and international experts.

Dive into these four focus areas alongside carbon & understand the interrelations and how accounting and reporting can be integrated among these four topics:

  • No-deforestation 
  • Land use change 
  • Land tracking metrics (LSRG) 
  • Water 


The Data Lab aims to: 

  • Enhance your understanding of climate impact beyond carbon, diving deep into key metrics, such as no-deforestation, land use change, land tracking, and water
  • Explore cutting edge data challenges and solutions to establish more credible climate impact accounting
  • Extend Value Change concepts, aligning with science-based targets (SBT) for nature SBTi’s Corporate Net-Zero Standard and FLAG Guidance and GHG Protocol Land Sector and Removals Guidance