Apparel & Footwear Working Group

The apparel sector is responsible for 3 to 8% of global carbon emissions and they are predicted rise to around 1.3 gigatons by 2030.  

Join other companies in the apparel and footwear sector and collectively develop guidance to tackle Scope 3 emissions.

Objective & outcome

The 2024 Apparel & Footwear Working Group is the fourth edition and will focus on developing the existing Value Change Guidance for the needs of this sector. This will ensure the Guidance supports the realities and complexities of Scope 3 emissions accounting of Category 1 Purchased Goods and Services. 

The topics explored in the Working Group are collectively defined and developed by the participants. As a final output, the Working Group will produce documentation that will serve as an extension to the existing Value Chain Guidance and provide guidance specific to the Apparel & Footwear sector on how to effectively tackle their scope 3 emissions.

Why join?

By joining the Apparel and Footwear Working Group, companies will: 

  • Improve their sustainability strategy
  • Get more impact from value chain operations and interventions
  • Credibly claim and co-share impact
  • Influence standards and future policy

Sessions timeline

The Working Group is structured in 5 thematic sessions (online and in-person) designed to guide participants from concept introduction and capacity building all the way to application, reporting and verification. 

The sessions combine expert presentations and break-out discussions allowing participants to share and collaborate with each other and deepen their understanding of the Value Chain Guidance and its application to the Apparel & Footwear sector. 

By discussing their experience, strategies, and problems they face, participants quickly identify common themes and focus on developing solutions that effectively tackle their challenges and are based on existing realities.