Tackling Scope 3 emissions through collective action

The Value Change Initiative is a peer-to-peer learning forum bringing together 500+ climate experts, developing solutions to implement and achieve value chain emission reductions & removals. 

By accelerating Scope 3 interventions and facilitating collective action, we enable corporates to credibly account and report value chain impact, and to show progress towards science-based targets.


Net Zero by 2050

Net Zero by 2050

Companies need to reach Net Zero by 2050 to remain on a 1.5°C pathway and help alleviate the worst impacts of climate change.  

Scope 3 emissions, often overlooked, represent on average 75-90% of a company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions.  

At the Value Change Initiative, we understand that no company can tackle Scope 3 emissions alone. That’s why we have created this collaborative engagement forum to transform challenges into opportunities and develop solutions together.

Shaping how-to Scope 3

    • Bringing together ambitious organizations 

    We bring together 100+ leading corporates, civil society actors, and recognized standards alongside 400+ Scope 3 and climate experts and focus on solving practical challenges of tackling Scope 3 emissions. 


    • Co-creating implementation guidance 

    Members move beyond theory by collectively learning, defining, co-creating and testing guidance, tools and implementation trajectories to solve practical Scope 3 challenges and achieve ambitious targets.  


    • Removing barriers for Scope 3 action at scale 

    Delivering a clear and consistent approach to Scope 3 emission reductions to enable corporates to credibly account in line with the GHG Protocol, report impact up and down value chains, and demonstrate progress towards Science-based targets. 

Our members

Our members engage in collaborative co-creation and insightful discussions on the most complex Scope 3 topics. Through mutual support and transparency, they help each other scale collective climate action and develop actionable tools and solutions. This dynamic, community-driven approach enables us to tackle sustainability challenges effectively, driving significant impact across value chains.







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  • AgSpire Inc.
  • American Forest Foundation
  • Apparel Impact Institute
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Arva Intelligence
  • Athian
  • BASF
  • Better Cotton Initiative
  • Chloris Geospatial
  • Clarmondial
  • Conservation International
  • Cool Farm Alliance
  • Crop Intellect
  • Diageo
  • eAgronom
  • Econscia
  • Environmental Defense Fund
  • Fairtrade International
  • Fibershed
  • Field to Market
  • First Climate
  • Forest Stewardship Council International
  • GHG Protocol
  • Global Dairy Platform
  • Global Fashion Agenda
  • Higg
  • HowGood
  • ISEAL Alliance
  • JOCV Sustainability
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • McDonald's
  • Native
  • Nature United
  • NCBA Clusa
  • Organic Cotton Accelerator
  • PurProjet
  • Quantis
  • Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
  • SAI Platform
  • Scheffer
  • Science Based Targets Initiative
  • Seqana
  • Soil Capital
  • Solidaridad
  • South Pole
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • Sustainable Food Lab
  • Syngenta
  • Target
  • Terra Carbon
  • Textile Exchange
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • UN Fashion Industry Charter
  • U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action
  • Viresco Solutions
  • Vlinder
  • Windfall Bio
  • Winrock International
  • World Resources Institute
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