Food & Agriculture Working Group

The Food & Agriculture Working Group will help test application of the Value Change Guidance documents while providing opportunities for participant to collaboratively implement interventions in shared value chains and/or prepare for pilot verification and certification trajectories on the ground.

Objective & outcome

The Food and Agriculture Working Group is designed to test the applicability of the Value Change Guidance documents and concepts in context of agricultural value chains, to determine:

  • critical gaps / concepts in the guidance that need to be adjusted
  • where more detailed / sector specific guidelines should be developed

The objective is to ensure the realities and complexities of Scope 3 accounting met by the Food and Agriculture sector on the ground are supported by the Value Change Guidance. As a final Working Group output, participants will produce an extension of the Guidance outlining sector specific gaps and challenges as well as solutions still required to tackle Scope 3 emissions in agricultural value chains.

Approach & timeline

Working Groups are structured in 5 thematic sessions (online and in-person) and follow an action-learning approach designed to help participants further their understanding of Guidance concepts, identify (potential) application challenges and collectively define solutions to address them.

By sharing their own strategy and interventions as well as the challenges or issues they may face during implementation, Working Group participants learn from each other. They collectively identify sector-specific gaps or concepts that need adjustment and develop shared conclusions.