Claims Lab

The Claims Lab is a collaborative space for VCI members focused on key topics related to climate claims. In 2023, it gathered 61 experts who co-developed an addendum to the Value Change Interventions Guidance, focused on the concept of co-claiming in shared value chains.

The challenges we tackle

As corporates set ambitious climate goals, they are subject to growing scrutiny over the authenticity of their claims as well as regulatory pressure. Carbon Neutral, Climate Neutral or Climate Positive – when does double counting and claiming compromise environmental integrity?

Our work focused on several critical challenges, mainly:

  • Defining robust rules for valid climate claims to enhance trust and compliance
  • Ensuring they are backed by reliable data
  • Better Understanding the complexities of co-claiming, where multiple organizations are involved in shared emissions reductions and removals
  • Developing frameworks for the allocation of climate action outcomes, particularly in the context of Scope 3 emissions

Empowering collective solutions

Dive into the intricate world of co-claiming joint interventions and investments through the lens of SBTi’s Corporate Net Zero Standard with our latest publication. We developed the foundations of a comprehensive co-claiming framework and defined clear guiding principles for sharing climate impact.

Our publication, derived from the Claims Lab 2023, explores the nuanced challenges of Scope 3 emissions and the intricacies of co-claiming within value chain interventions within its pages. It offers extensive insights and a comprehensive understanding of co-claiming, establishing actionable criteria for ensuring credibility and integrity of Scope 3 claims.

What you can expect from this guidance

Our work dives deep into the meaning of co-claiming in Scope 3 value chain interventions. We set out to create clear rules for legitimate climate claims and build a thorough framework for fair recognition of contributions across the value chain.

We also developed frameworks to fairly allocate climate action outcomes and ensure transparency. For organizations, we introduced a decision tree and a four-dimensional model to evaluate co-claims.

Real-life examples from the Food and Agriculture, and Apparel and Footwear sectors give practical insights into collaboration and the benefits of co-claiming. Lastly, we defined important principles and strategies for co-claiming Scope 3 emissions, building trust and supporting credible decarbonisation efforts.

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Following the Claims Lab, we’re excited to invite you to our newest Lab focused on unlocking the power of data for climate action. Join to learn how data is collected, measured, verified and reported, and contribute to the critical discussions shaping the future of Scope 3. Explore practical implementation solutions and learn from case studies, best practices and international experts.

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