Accounting Lab

Can we unlock the potential benefits of market-based thinking to increase the rate and scale of Scope 3 action? Can we do that while safeguarding the principles of credibility and ownership of responsibility that are integral to the theory of change behind SBTs?

When looking at market-based approaches, there is a need for more guidance and governance.

Accounting Labs aim to define the conditions for a Scope 3 market-based accounting approach. They are collaborative spaces where Value Change Initiative members build on key insights, discussions and case studies to create addenda or adjustments to existing Value Change Guidance concepts.


Defining a conceptual approach and guiding principles for a stand-alone guidance for Market based Accounting for Scope 3 emissions, as well as addenda or adjustments to related concepts in existing guidance documents

Expected topics

  • Aggregated supply assumption/ guidance on application of supply shed definitions
  • Allocation/ causality/ ownership of impacts (and claims)
  • Double counting rules and increasing overlap between markets & Scope 3
  • Baseline setting guidance, including tested examples of integration of impacts in Emission Factors/ application of an ‘Emission Factor delta’ to an existing and the need for scoring or establishing a hierarchy of Emission Factors.
  • Related: quality criteria for quantification methods being applied
  • Related: defining time period for reporting and how to deal with fluctuations over time
  • Related: treatment of removals

Approach and timeline

Accounting Labs are collaborative spaces where Value Change Initiative members come together to discuss and address key topics related to Market-based Accounting. Building on key insights, discussions and case studies shared by members or experts, Lab participants co-create new addendum or define innovating elements building on the Value Change Guidance.

They are structured to work towards outputs in 5 sessions, with feedback requested between sessions. Labs usually run every year over a period of 8 to 9 months


Labs are available to all VCI Members for an annual membership fee based on organizations’ revenue (see table below).

In addition to Labs, VCI members have access to VCI Platform – including all publications and outputs from previous and ongoing workstreams – as well as quarterly updates. Onboarding sessions are offered and include an in-depth presentation of Value Change Guidance documents and concepts.

More than €100 million revenue €6000 $6000
Less than €100 million revenue €2400 $2400
Less than €10 million revenue €1200 $1200
Less than €1 million revenue €600 $600
Organizations located in LDCs €100 $100