What is the mission and role of the VCI? 

During New York Climate Week in 2023, Francesca Palamidessi, Senior Manager of the Value Change Initiative (VCI), explained what the role of the VCI is in enabling companies to reach Net Zero and decarbonise their value chains.

What is the mission and role of the VCI?

According to Francesca Palamidessi, the main goal of the VCI is to enable organisations to tackle Scope 3 emission reductions and removals. Scope 3, meaning all the emissions taking place in a company’s value chain, can be very complex. Companies are struggling to understand how to take concrete action and achieve their climate goals after setting their Science Based Targets. The role of the VCI is to bring together stakeholders, such as companies, international organisations, and standards, to co-create solutions and tackle barriers for implementing Scope 3 solutions.

Why is it important that such initiatives exist?

VCI is a forum of practitioners, who can use this common space to tackle technical challenges related to emission reductions and removals. The VCI runs Working Groups in different sectors, such as Food & Agriculture and Apparel & Footwear, as well as implements topical labs. These workstreams connect stakeholders within and across sectors to share best practices and lessons learned from the ground. They also allow members to discuss solutions at implementation level.

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