Why are value chain emissions key to net zero?

During New York Climate Week in 2022, we sat down with Benjamin Bartley, SustainCERT Value Change Business Development Senior Manager, to better understand the importance of value chain emissions to the topic of Net Zero and what the Value Change Initiative does to help tackle them.

Any credible commitment to a Net Zero world must include value chain emissions

Value Chain or Scope  emissions are an important element of a Net Zero future because they often represent the lion’s share of companies total GHG emissions – between 75% to 90% depending on the sector. Any company that makes a credible commitment to achieving a Net Zero world necessarily has to include reduction targets for value chain emissions.

The Value Change Initiative’s biggest power is it’s focus on Scope 3

As a multi-stakeholder forum, The Value Change Initiative brings together lots of minds, practitioners and leaders in the Scope 3 space to collectively figure out and test what will work when it comes to accounting and reporting on value chain emissions reductions.

What’s made the Value Change Initiative so impactful is that it’s entirely focused on Scope 3. All its members have firsthand experience with current Scope 3 challenges and are willing to solve them. Thus they can really contribute to guidance, concepts and solutions that will work not only for them, but also for their suppliers and their peers.

Join the effort to make Net Zero value chains a reality

Members of the Value Change Initiative move beyond theory to identify barriers to scaling value chain action, to collectively propose and test practical solutions, and to publish guidance on the consensus generated.