Lead the change towards Net Zero targets

Companies need to reach Net Zero by 2050 to remain on a 1.5°C pathway and help alleviate the worst impacts of climate change.  

Scope 3 emissions, often overlooked, represent on average 75-90% of a company’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. Tackling these emissions is key but guidance on how to do that is lacking, especially at sector and implementation levels. 

At the Value Change Initiative, we understand that no company can tackle Scope 3 alone. That’s why we have created a collaborative forum to transform challenges into opportunities and develop solutions together. 

Our work

Removing barriers for Scope 3 action

The complexity of value chain interventions, the lack of clear sector-specific guidance and the lack of collaboration between value chain partners are some of the main barriers to scalable Scope 3 action. 

We bring together ambitious organizations to move beyond theory by collectively co-creating and testing guidance. Together, we create guidance documents and tools that enable corporates to credibly account in line with the GHG Protocol, report impact up and down value chains, and demonstrate progress toward science-based targets.

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