Co-create Best Practice and achieve Scope 3 reduction targets

The Value Change Initiative is a multistakeholder forum bringing together some of the world’s largest companies, leading civil society actors and internationally recognized frameworks to collectively define how to address and account for greenhouse gas emission reductions across global value chains.

Together we move beyond theory; learning, testing, and co-creating consensus-driven guidance to drive down Scope 3 emissions following Best Practice.

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Learn how to account and report on Scope 3 intervention impacts

Defining what falls under a company’s Scope 3 boundaries or understanding what claims can be made from interventions that reduce value chain emissions is a complex challenge. One that hinders action for many companies.

Value Change guidance documents and tools allow you to understand how to reduce value chain emissions and credibly report on these outcomes in line with accounting and reporting frameworks such as the GHG Protocol and Science-Based Targets.

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