Logo Policy


The Company hereby grants to the Value Change Initiative (the Initiative) the restricted license to use the Company’s name and logo for purposes of identification and the promotion of activities and specified events of the initiative. It is understood that the Initiative may use said logo in the following contexts: On the Value Change Initiative Website and Platform, Guidance documents and other communications materials – including slide deck and brochures – related to the Initiative’s activities and mission.

The Initiative may use the Company’s logo or name for these purposes without further permission or acquiescence by the Company. The term “restricted license” hereby requires the Initiative to obtain prior written approval by the Company for use of logo or name in any other contexts. This includes, but is not limited to, case studies, press releases and the like.

The Initiative agrees not to use the Company’s logo or name in any way that would harm, diminish or impair the Company’s brand name or reputation. The Initiative also agrees to comply with written usage guidelines and quality control standards that may be provided by the Company during the Term of this Agreement or any extension thereof.